Thank you very much!

We appreciate your donation and say THANK YOU!

Would you also like to become a sponsor?

Please contact us at the animal shelter on Tel. 0471 – 8 32 57. Outside our opening hours, you can leave a message on our answering machine. You will be called back immediately.


Our sponsors


Verflixt und zugenetzt!

Unsere Kaninchenbande hat kurzen Prozess mit den Netzen in unserem Nagarium gemacht und ein paar ordentliche Löcher reingenagt. Doch Mut zur Lücke gibt es bei der Firma „Engel Netze“ nicht – also haben sie uns direkt ein paar neue Netze gespendet. Nun ist wieder alles gesichert und abgedeckt.

Ein großes Dankeschön!

Now also an important sustainability measure from us!

At last!!! 😄

We are getting a photovoltaic system, which is being installed by Ekektro Sasse GmbH. The modules are currently being mounted on our dog and cat house. At the end of July, it will be connected, fully operational, emission-free and particularly environmentally friendly. 


Incidentally, the commissioning of the PV system is the result of a lengthy savings process and will help us to reduce our costs in future.


And we would like to thank Elektro Sasse for their generous donation, which also helped us a great deal to mobilise the purchase costs.

An animal shelter can also do a lot for the environment if it acts sustainably.🍃 🐸 🌿 🐛

We would like to thank all the stores and their animal-loving customers for the Christmas tree campaign.❤️ This active support is a great asset for us.
All the animals' wishes were fulfilled. Our animals were incredibly happy and are still happy.😍
We were overwhelmed by the willingness to donate.
We are very grateful.🤗🥰

Thank you very much,
Dear Nico Duden from the company Sideklick DIGITAL SOLUTIONS!
We are grateful for the generous donation and are delighted with our new quarantine boxes, which we have finally been able to purchase for our cats.
They offer our "new arrivals" plenty of space, retreat options and light. The new boxes give us the opportunity to make the animals' quarantine period as pleasant as possible. 😺😺😺
We were delighted with the generous Christmas campaign donation from Fressnapf. We received so many presents that our animals are still benefiting from the numerous gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you❤️

Thank you very much!

The 7c from Gymnasium Langen donated the proceeds from the flea market to our animals🤩.

Our animals and the shelter team are very happy and say THANK YOU!

Wow! The generosity overwhelms us! 

Today we were able to pick up many great donations in kind from Frosta AG😊.

Many wishes that were on our wish list were fulfilled. We were given file folders, filing trays, printer paper and much more, because office work has to be done too🤓.

Thank you thank you thank you 🐶😺🐭🐰

It doesn't take much to do good!

Lucas, the store manager of Kaufland Bremerhaven-Lehe, presented us with a cheque for €1,218.82.
The amount was raised through the deposit voucher donation campaign that Kaufland has been supporting us with since December 2022.

Many thanks to Kaufland and their animal-loving customers. We are very happy about the great willingness to donate.

Do you also want to do good and know how it works?

➡️ Bring returnable bottles to Kaufland Bremerhaven-Lehe
➡️ Return at the reverse vending machine
➡️ Put the deposit receipt in the donation box next to the vending machine
➡️ The amount will be donated to the animal shelter

The deposit voucher donations are used for special feed, medicines and for the care of the animals.

Small things are enough to make a big difference!


A big thank you goes to Duden-Consulting.

These beautiful and robust cat caves were donated to us.
We're not the only ones who think they fit perfectly in our cat area. Our cats also feel comfortable in them and use them all the time. 🤗🐈

What a great donation! ❤️

On our birthday in November, we had the opportunity to set up a stand in the foyer of the Wesermünde district grammar school to collect some money for the construction of our hoofed animal stable. A parents' evening was held there that day and the willingness to donate was really great. We ended up with 168 euros in our donation box! We also received cat litter and food donations. 😻

We are delighted and very grateful for all the donations! 🤩
Many thanks also to the Kreisgymnasium Wesermünde for the great co-operation! 🍀❤️
Many thanks to everyone who took part in the Wishing Christmas Tree campaign️. ❤️
Numerous wishes were fulfilled. Our animals were and still are incredibly happy. 🥳
The pictures show only a small selection of the animals that received the gifts:
🐰Findus and Stitch happily nibble on their dried herbs. 🌿
🐶Odin, our fluffy teddy bear, is very happy about his new bed and a bone. 🦴
🐱Susi and Tramp cuddle in their new cave and play with the new valerian cushions. 💕
🦜Our canaries are now singing cheerful songs on their new perches. 🎶

2022 was a very special year for Animal Welfare Bremerhaven. We celebrated our 100th anniversary with you 🥳 🍾 !

There was therefore a lot to experience at our animal shelter on 26 August. Exploratory tours of the animal shelter, a tombola, children's programme, coffee and cake and lots of fun made the day a great event😋. And there was even a distinguished visitor: Lord Mayor Melf Granz, patron of our festival, gave a ceremonial speech. Of course, the main role on this day, apart from our animals, was played by our many guests!
Once again, we would like to thank all the organisers, helpers and donors for this unforgettable day. Without you, none of this would have been possible! 🥰
A huge thank you also goes to all animal welfare activists and friends who supported us in 2022. Thanks to you, our organisation can continue
and the animals are given the best possible care until they can move to their new home. ❤️
We wish all humans and their furry friends a wonderful 2023!🍀

Many thanks to the Cinemotion Bremerhaven!

The sale of cinema furniture generated proceeds of €1,250 for us, which we are very pleased about. 

The generous donation brings us a big step closer to our goal. 

Thank you for your support:-)

Thank you very much!

The Fischtown Ice Hockey Fan Club "Fire and Ice" collected donations for us at a summer party with a raffle and jersey auction.

As a result, we received numerous food donations.

We were very pleased 🙂

The Wellbrock joinery from Surheide has donated the fit-out of two large rooms.

We now have two more dog rooms, where up to three dogs can live together. 😀
We were delighted with this fantastic donation from the Olaf Wellbrock joinery! Thank you 🐶

The Facebook group US Motorhomes, RV's and Parts, Germany had an event poster designed for their annual meeting and decided to donate the proceeds to our animal shelter in Bremerhaven.

They had one of the posters signed by all the participants and framed it.

This poster was then sold at an American auction.
An incredible €1,200 was raised!
There was also a donation box and the "hat" of a singer who provided the entertainment around the campfire in the evening.

A total of €1,500 was raised for the animal shelter.

We will use this donation for the construction of our stable building and are very happy! Soon we will be able to take in horses and other hoofed animals, thank you very much 🙏😘

Many thanks to Foodart Bremerhaven and HavenDudez for the donations. We were very pleased that you thought of us and are grateful for your support!

"The runners of the Bremerhaven Marathon supported us with a donation of 550 euros and the organiser "Execute Sports Events" rounded this amount up to 700 euros. We also had the opportunity to present ourselves at the 17th Sparda-Bank City Marathon Bremerhaven.

This donation will enable us to press ahead with the further expansion of our animal shelter. Since December 2021, we have employed a vet who looks after our shelter animals exclusively. The donation from the runners of the Bremerhaven Marathon and the Execute Sports Events agency can now be used to furnish the treatment room.

We want the animals to feel at home with us. Of course, this also includes intensive medical care. This donation will take us one step further until our new animal shelter offers all the comfort we could wish for our animals.

We would like to thank the runners and the Execute Sports Events agency for their great support and look forward to taking part in the 18th Sparda-Bank City Marathon Bremerhaven on 28 August 2022!"

Our little cat Fernando is delighted with this donation and tested it straight away.

Many thanks for the scales, we are delighted!

We have great news to announce!
Mr and Mrs Freese have donated a washing machine and a tumble dryer to us. We are very grateful and overwhelmed at the same time. We are very happy about this donation.
Thank you for this generous support🙂

Many thanks to Zoo21 Schwanewede and Bremen-Aumund, Fressnapf Spaden and Futterhaus Bremerhaven for the great Christmas campaigns. All the animals' wishes were fulfilled. We are delighted with the support and the numerous donations.


Thank you for the great donation. We are always happy when you think of our animals.

A huge thank you to Mrs Isensee and Mr Manuth for the food donation. We are overwhelmed and very happy.

Every donation helps us to provide our furry friends with the best possible care.

Great joy at the donation handover to the animal shelter in Bremerhaven! Even Mr and Mrs Goose wanted to know what was going on!

Quite simply, COMET has been able to generate an annual
amount from the annual sale of remaining stock to the animal shelter
donate. In the 10th year, 2020, the remaining stock sale unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the
Sales ban cancelled. However, because we can look forward to a year without the visit and the
the handover of donations at the animal shelter, the
Employees diligently collect donations in kind and money for the animal shelter
collected. Real friends stick together!


Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Marken and Mrs Töpfer, who collected money for our animal shelter on behalf of the "Interessengemeinschaft für einen lückenlosen Lärmschutz an den Bahntrassen in Bremerhaven".

We are delighted to have received €750, 100 per cent of which will of course go to our animals.

We would like to thank Pia Renken for supporting us with her fantastic fundraising campaign.

We are very happy!

FRoSTA AG donates a new home for the chickens in our animal shelter.

FRoSTA AG Bremerhaven is supporting the further expansion of our animal shelter with a donation of 2,000 euros.
A mobile chicken coop was handed over to us in June.
"We are delighted that our donation has made it possible to purchase a mobile chicken house and thus improve the living conditions of the animals in the local animal shelter," says Kerstin Janson, Head of Quality Assurance, FRoSTA AG.

"We want the animals to feel at home with us. This includes a well-maintained and sufficient run and a visually appealing coop. This mobile coop can be moved around and therefore protects the areas where chickens are kept, as well as the animals themselves. We still have a lot to do and with every donation we receive, we will go one step further until our new animal shelter offers all the comfort we want for our animals.
We would like to thank FRoSTA AG for their great support.
Of course, we would also like to thank Jesse Himme from makeitbright for the beautiful graffiti.

Our "container makeover" was completed in April. Take a look at the graffiti by Makeitbright.

Mia and Jesse Himme have transformed our façade into a colourful work of art!
Thank you for this creative donation.

We are pleased to present our new chicken house! It's finally finished (after 2-3 hours of construction).

The chicken house consists of 2 floors connected by a staircase. There are 6 doors that can be opened individually and are lockable. The 3 laying nests on each floor can be opened from the outside. The chicken house is suitable for approx. 6-8 normal-sized chickens.
We are delighted with this donation from a donor in Bremerhaven and of course look forward to welcoming new feathered guests.

We would like to thank Allco Heimtierbedarf in Thedinghausen and all the donors for the great campaign.

We received a total of 2 pallets of dog and cat food and were really pleased.

We received a generous donation of food from Anna Deckau and other private donors.

The food was delivered by Futterstübchen in Deichstraße!
Our animals are very happy.

They were back!
Our "Heinzelmännchen" from Möbelagentur Nord and Autoglas Nord. Nico Thiebach's team had already donated the move from Wurster Straße to Vieländer Weg. Now they have also cleared out the old animal shelter for us.
Mr Thiebach also donated this campaign to us!

DANKE DANKE DANKE simply unbelievable


Donations in kind possible via