Donation centre

Each item- and feedDonations are very important to us. We are very grateful for every donation, because your support contributes to this, that together we are able to fulfil our diverse tasks and that the children entrusted to us are lovingly cared for and looked after. 

Our donation centre enables us to make contactless donations during these difficult times and also allows you to donate outside of our business hours. The little house is located in front of our main entrance. It is protected from the weather and offers plenty of space.

We are happy about food- and donations in kind like z. B.: Dogs, cats, small animals, pigs, poultry and Nestling food and rearing milk (Royal Canin), Towels, Woolcorners, toys, Clumping litterLitter trays, scratching posts, Cages and Pet accessories of all kinds. For reasons of hygiene, we cannot use defective or heavily soiled items or food that has already been opened. Thank you for your understanding.

Many thanks for your active support!


Donations in kind possible via