Sometimes it is no longer possible for pets and humans to live together. Sometimes it's allergies or illness of the owner, sometimes a move or a new job: there are many reasons that can lead to having to give up an animal.

Nevertheless, we ask you not to forget that animals often have to spend a long time in our shelter before they find a new home. Therefore, please try to find a suitable owner for your animal yourself first, as a stay at the animal shelter is always associated with great stress for the animal. If you are simply in a financial emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can support you with food donations, for example, so that your animal can stay with you.

We ask for your understanding that we only accept animals from Bremerhaven. As our admission capacity is limited, please register the animal in advance by telephone and make an appointment.

Cats living in the wild are neutered by us and returned to their territories.

Please also understand that we only accept cash payments for animal handovers, as we have had bad experiences with cashless payments in the past. We will be happy to inform you in advance of the amount you need to have ready when you drop off your pet. Please also bring a valid identity card with you.

As our animal shelter is financed almost exclusively by donations, we are forced to charge a fee for taking in an animal. These are far below the costs we actually incur. All of the animal's documents (e.g. vaccination certificate) are also required.

Please contact us at the animal shelter on Tel: 0471 - 8 32 57. Outside our opening hours, you can leave a message on our answering machine. You will be called back immediately.

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